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65 - A Parks & Rec Tip the Waiter Special! 

The past couple weeks, I’ve been leaving these as tips at various coffee shops I’ve been visiting. Started with Ron Swanson (which I’m reposting here, just to complete the set) and just snowballed from there! The baristas seem to enjoy them, even if they’ve mostly never seen the show (shame on them!), so maybe I’ll keep on going, just so I can get to Anne and Gary/Jerry/Larry and round out the gang!

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Trials have revealed that Muller glia cells taken from the back of donated human eyes can restore some vision to completely blind rats. Muller glia cells can transform into the specialised cells in the eye and could be used to treat a wide range of sight disorders. In humans, the improvement would not provide vision enough to read, but would lead to improved quality of life, according to the researchers.

Read more: http://bbc.in/1erJGzY via BBC


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